With Jive Software, Engage Dialog opts for quality

There are dozens of options for building an interactive intranet. Engage Dialog has made a very conscious choice for quality: Jive Software.

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Jive Software is a listed globally operating business which, with hundreds of developers, has already been supplying interactive intranets and customer support forums for 15 years, specialising in out-of-the-box products. Our shared motto: Stop programming and start configuring! There are good reasons why Jive is listed in leading positions by Gartner, Forrester, Aragon and Ovum Research.


  • Highly scalable, from 25 to 250,000 or more users.
  • Not programming, but configuration.
  • User-friendly UI.
  • Available in the cloud, hosted or on-premise.
  • Continuity means certainty.
  • Security is outstanding.
  • Supports >40 languages, adjustable per user.
  • Cloud environment online within two days, live within two weeks.
  • Data centre in the Netherlands, disaster recovery within the EU.
  • Many integrations and add-ons available, including Office, Mail and SharePoint.

Highlights of interactive intranet (Jive-n)

  • Strong contextual search function that searches personal history and behaviour, ranking and relevance.
  • 10 personal news lines prevent information overload.
  • Wonderful and highly functional mobile apps (Android/iOS) and responsive site.
  • Very strong integration with Office and Office 365.
  • The same applies for Outlook/Notes.
  • Very large number of standard integrations and APIs (including SharePoint, Box and CRM).
  • Rich content types such as idea, video, poll, request and event.
  • Notifications in app, email or online.
  • Powerful analytics; measure scope, impact, results and health of the community.
  • Gamification, badges and quests for increased engagement.

Customer support community highlights (Jive-x)

  • Strong contextual search function. Customers and partners find answers quickly.
  • Optimised for SEO.
  • Many available standard integrations.
  • Make customers engaged through gamification.
  • Self-supporting for customers in terms of management.

Do you choose our Jive Software too?


At Engage Dialog, we are proud to represent Jive Software in the Benelux region. We give this global product our local touch. You receive support in your own language and still have the security of a global player.


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