Why Jive?

Jive Software is an American listed company which has specialised for 15 years now in interactive online activities and employs hundreds of developers.  This has won it top rankings from analysts such as Gartner, Forrester and Aragon.  Jive Software has more than 1,000 customers and 30 million end users worldwide. This gives our customers a great many benefits:

  • Out of the box: not programming, but configuration
  • Online in 2 days, live in 2 weeks
  • Interactive intranet, or real online collaboration
  • A high degree of certainty and continuity
  • Mega scalability: from 25 to 250,000+ users
  • Cloud uptime of 99.99x%
  • Unrivalled safety from the cloud, hosted or on-premise
  • Many integrations and add-ons available
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • A great deal of functionality: 3 to 4 cloud releases per year
  • Available in more than 40 languages, adjustable per user
  • Advanced analytics, gamification and quests
  • Data centre in the Netherlands, disaster recovery within the EU

In short: a global product, to which we at Engage Dialog are happy to give a local touch for our customers.

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