Successful tool for customer communities

Do you want to communicate simply with your customers online? Jive-x is the online solution from Jive for external communications. The ultimate out-of-the-box solution for creating a customer community in which support, self-support, suggestions and experiences are exchanged. This creates concrete benefits!

Save up to 40% on support costs

Avoid an overload of emails and calls to the support desk. Via general social media, every question has to be answered separately. Via your own Jive forum, customers are helped fast, thanks to Jive’s advanced search algorithms. The right answers are available quickly and customers also answer each other’s questions and give each other tips. This can reduce the burden on the call centre/webcare by dozens of percentage points.

Improve customer satisfaction by as much as 30%

Customers find answers to their questions in an easily accessible way.  Your service becomes more transparent. They can see at a glance what is being discussed.

Reduce the Customer Effort Score (CES) and work on a better Net Promoter Score (NPS) with a community from Jive!

Sell up to twice as much with a community

A Jive community offers customers the possibility of interacting with each other. As a result, your company learns still more about what matters to your customers. Learn what they like, be open to their suggestions and ideas and gain a platform on which marketing messages can be placed in a controlled environment. Turn your customers into ambassadors!

Watch Jive-x here in one minute

The power of Jive-x

  • Fully SEO-friendly
  • Can be thematised for your brand
  • Optimised for mobile
  • Powerful and scalable; is used by leading brands
  • Out-of-the-box platform; online fast
  • Powerful search functions
  • Gamification for higher customer engagement
  • Easy integration with other solutions


Would you like to know how you can communicate more simply with your customers online? Make it easy for your customer and yourself. We will be happy to show you how. Please contact us.