Successful social intranet through good community management

Have you chosen our social interactive intranet and is the implementation complete? Congratulations! But this is only the beginning. It is now important that the employees use the solution. This is why community management is essential. Our advice: appoint community managers.

The role of a community manager

The community manager is a sort of lynch-pin of the interactive intranet:

  • He or she creates an environment in which participants feel safe and feel that they are listened to.
  • Facilitates collaboration and encourages openness.
  • Starts, stimulates and monitors dialogue.
  • Supervises, monitors and posts content.
  • Closely monitors what the current issues are in the organisation.
  • Forms the link between the community and the management.

Proactive attitude on our part

Through the attractive and advanced statistics on all levels, we can proactively advise the community managers and users. We do some of this directly in the community itself. This could include matters such as:

  • Monthly online session concerning Jive functionality and themes.
  • Answering questions from community managers and users, in the community ‘How to Jive’.
  • Providing proactive advice on improving use and adoption of the community on the basis of analytics.
  • Answering functional questions.
  • Building up an FAQ and training environment.
  • Support for new versions and modules
  • Adjusting use of the solution.
  • Reporting issues in adoption and advice.

‘Managing’ community management well

Do you have any questions on community management or would you like extra support? Then please contact us. We will be happy to help.