Stop the email chaos; start with effective online collaboration

Are you and your colleagues swamped by email, leading to important emails getting lost? Are there endless meetings and email exchanges before decisions can be taken? To us, email is a symbol of a fragmented way of working together (information silos). This leads to loss of engagement and to as much as 19% of time wasted on searching for documents, knowledge and people. And that really is not necessary anymore! So start today with effective online collaboration.

About efficiency… does this sound familiar?

  • Employees are being swamped with email.
  • Cc and bcc culture leads to irritation.
  • People cannot find anything in the chaos on the intranet, the g: drive or DMS.
  • What were the latest version and the status of that document again?
  • Who has actually read my email?
  • Development and adjustment of the intranet costs enormous amounts of time and money.
  • The scope and impact of business communications is unknown.
  • Endless meetings are needed in order to reach a decision.
  • Working together on a document leads to more meetings or email.
  • Accessibility and traceability of colleagues and their knowledge is poor.

Email no longer works in the modern form of collaboration

This video by an American Jive partner makes clear why email no longer fits in with modern forms of collaboration.

The solution: Working together online with a social intranet

With a social intranet from Jive Software, you can have the best solution for these problems at your fingertips. Effective online collaboration has never been so easy. With no programming, and if necessary, it can be live in the cloud within just a few weeks. Naturally, that is when the real work of adoption and optimisation starts. But that is precisely what we do at Engage Dialog. Would you like more information on our solution?


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