Social intranet makes working together easier

Have you had it with endless meetings, which waste time? Do you have the feeling that collaboration could be far simpler and more efficient? Then our social intranet platform offers the solution. Technology determines only 20% of the success of a solution. But with our Jive software, we have a very solid foundation. Engage Dialog will help you with the rest.

Do you want simpler and more effective online collaboration too?

  • Move from being swamped by email to online group conversations.
  • From information overload to personal information lines, based on personal interests.
  • From endless meetings to a digital, time-independent workplace.
  • From playing document ping pong to online, Office-integrated collaboration.
  • From saving and searching to finding information.
  • From newsletters with no impact to blogs with measurable scope.
  • A place where you can work together, both formally and informally.
  • Find the right knowledge or colleague fast.

Social intranet from Jive makes it possible

We would like to give you some examples of the added value offered by our social intranet:

  • Work together on a bid, an idea, a presentation or a project.
  • Find the right employee with the right knowledge with a single click.
  • Let staff decide on the next outing for themselves.
  • Onboard a new employee with far less effort.
  • Search questions put by other people and find the right answer right away.
  • Communicate with your employees and see the engagement and scope.
  • Work together with a supplier, customer or partner online.

Jive intranet in one minute

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