Online collaboration

Why online collaboration?

Many knowledge workers still struggle with a flood of information, and also with the information silos in which this is located. If any of the following questions sound familiar, online collaboration with an interactive intranet from Jive is a good option!

  • How can I make my employees more engaged in my organisation?
  • How can I share information quickly with employees, suppliers or clients?
  • How can I see which impact my messages have and who reads them?
  • How can I collaborate quickly and simply on a single document?
  • Why do I get so much (irrelevant) email?
  • How can I quickly find a colleague with the right knowledge?
  • Hasn’t my question been asked and solved before?
  • Why does maintenance and development of my intranet cost so much?
  • How do I facilitate the staff association?
  • How can I reach my network of franchisers and share information faster?
  • How can I take faster, better-supported decisions?
  • How can I find best practices again?