Microsoft 365 integrations with our online collaboration software

Some good news: you no longer have to choose between the social intranet you need and the business applications you depend on. The key: Our social intranet Jive brings unified collaboration to Microsoft applications like Office, Outlook and SharePoint 365. Work in your single intranet/collaboration environment while accessing your Microsoft content, or work in Microsoft while your intranet keeps all your content and colleagues in sync.

Microsoft SharePoint 365

Our intranet solution unlocks the documents and ideas stored in Microsoft SharePoint 365 and makes them easy to find, share and work with. You get best of both worlds: the document management features of SharePoint plus the powerful, open collaboration and social interactions of our intranet Jive.

Jive provides the engaging employee experiences you’d expect from the world’s leading social intranet software. SharePoint provides the powerful document and workflow capabilities you’d expect from an industry-standard content management system. With this ready-to-use integration, you get the best of both: a cutting-edge social intranet that seamlessly leverages your SharePoint content and functionality.

Work better together

Free your siloed content and bring it into Jive’s open, collaborative environment, where it’s easy to find, share and work on together. Content can continue to live in SharePoint, but users can view, discuss and interact with it transparently just as if it resided in Jive.

Human Resources best friend

Use our intranets onboarding program to support employees and help corporate communications experiences to align and inform your workforce, while pulling in relevant documents and other content (such as employee benefits and policy documents) stored in SharePoint, even if they are in different silo’s.

Seek and you shall find

Quickly find any content – whether it’s in Jive or SharePoint – with federated search. Users who need access to advanced SharePoint capabilities such as workflows and forms can continue to work in SharePoint while still taking advantage of Jive activity streams, collaboration features and content.

Office 365

It’s easy to integrate SharePoint and Jive, but why stop there? You can integrate the whole Office 365 package. Using our intranets pre-built integrations, you can combine the capabilities of Office 365, SharePoint and Jive in one cohesive experience that simplifies life for both your users and IT departments. The result is a complete collaboration hub and social intranet – a single digital workplace – that ends fragmentation, drives productivity and maximizes the ROI of your Microsoft portfolio.

Jive’s capabilities pick up where Microsoft leaves off, augmenting Microsoft apps with critical functionality in areas such as:

  • Intranet capabilities
    Jive is an intranet platform, providing essential functions that Microsoft tools lack, such as company and departmental news, employee support and onboarding, a people directory, expertise location and more.
  • Personalization
    Our intranet filters out the noise and ensures that the right information reaches the right people at the right time, delivering personalized news feeds, activity streams, notifications and recommendations.
  • Search
    With Microsoft alone, the search is fragmented, generating different results depending on which app you’re looking in. Jive provides a rapid and unified search of people, places and content – across Jive itself and integrated systems, including Microsoft and non-Microsoft products.
  • Analytics
    By itself, the Microsoft stack offers little beyond basic activity statistics. Jive provides the industry’s most advanced and wide-ranging analytics suite, providing deep insight into people and processes across the enterprise.
  • User Experience
    Jive is simple and intuitive, and it makes connected systems like Microsoft easier to use, too – by bringing them into a single, seamless environment where everything is easy to find, share and collaborate on.
  • Integrations
    Office 365 struggles just to integrate with other tools in the Microsoft stack, and it’s even more difficult to integrate Office 365 with non-Microsoft systems. Our social intranet brings it all together, collapsing silos and bringing all your critical systems into one enterprise-wide collaboration fabric.

By combining Jive, Microsoft and Sharepoint 365, you get the best of all worlds. You can continue using your Microsoft tools, along with all the content you’ve created with them, but far more easily, transparently and productively than ever before. Your Microsoft stack becomes part of something bigger: a social intranet and unified digital workspace in which everything – and everybody – works better together. For more information, download our brochure, or request a demo.


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