Customer engagement & affinity marketing

In an era in which marketing has to be personal, Jive allows you to make a direct and authentic response. With thousands of people at the same time, if necessary. To know more about a product, buying survey and after-sales support: Jive communities offer a digital hub for every stage in the customer journey. Customers have a wonderful experience and become more loyal and will promote your brand.  Many (international) organisations already use Jive as their support platform.






Increase inbound traffic, growth of the pipeline

Make your community the place for information on your products and market. Automatic SEO and social content syndication increase visibility and scope.


Exceed customer expectations with top-level support

Jive offers an out-of-the box support centre. Customers can search for solutions and assistance from fellow users themselves. Problems are solved quickly, customers are extra satisfied and the burden on your own support departments is reduced.


Accelerate buying decisions

Prospects move in record time from ‘why should I?’ to ‘I’m going to buy’. This is because of fast answers, recommendations from others and rich content (blogs, videos, discussions, events) in the Jive platform.


Analyse and optimise

Identify your influencers, recognise trends and optimise your community for engagement and ambassadorship with good analysis tools. Retrieve knowledge on how your products are perceived as input for further development.


Make your partners more engaged and more productive

Jive is the ultimate platform for partner communities. From onboarding to collaboration and fast switching.


Integrate with your systems

Jive integrates with a number of CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce systems and also offers APIs for standard integrations.