Jive once again qualified as Enterprise Social Network leader

Broad recognition in the market

Jive Software has been a pioneer in the field of interactive intranetting since as long ago as 2001. It is one of only two parties that, as an Out-Of-The-Box Enterprise Social Network (ESN) solution, have been in the Gartner leadership section for years. In addition to Gartner and Forrester, Aragon has also recently conducted a survey of 21 interactional suppliers of collaboration solutions. Aragon Research is a specialised research agency in the field of work and people; the cutting edge between business and people, as they themselves say.

Jive Software once again scores very well in the survey. Click here to download the Aragon report,which also contains a great deal of information on the growth and future of such platforms.  In the fields of functionality, safety, scalability and user-friendliness, Jive’s Enterprise Social Network solution is outstanding. Office integration, analytics and availability of add-ons are named as strengths. In view of the expected market consolidation, this is important information. After all, it is becoming important for companies to think carefully about the solution and the supplier on which they will base this crucial service provision. With Jive, you are literally and figuratively secure!  See also this blog for more information.


Jive Software work better together

A good product deserved the best quality implementation

Engage Dialog is the proud representative and implementation partner of Jive Software  in the Benelux region. We are specialised in implementing and adopting in the field of online collaboration. This is not a one-off operation: we offer a continuous optimisation service in the form of community management and devote close attention to the human side of the change. As a result, we guarantee you improved productivity and increased employee engagement.


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