Jive and/or SharePoint:

Experience the best of both worlds

Jive has published an excellent white paper (in English) for companies that work with Microsoft SharePoint and are undecided about which solution to use for online collaboration. After all, SharePoint offers many possibilities but does require a fair amount of construction and maintenance work. Jive Software offers a solution that has been built from the ground up for flexible collaboration, out of the box, with no programming work and a low total cost of ownership.  However, there is perfect Microsoft integration with Jive. This can help to retain existing investments in a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario, in which all possibilities are used in combination with the storage repository of SharePoint. Companies that are struggling with progress and adoption, or organisations that have to devote a great deal of work to the construction and maintenance of a SharePoint intranet, will certainly find this document very valuable.

Scenario analysis

The various scenarios are discussed: SharePoint versus Jive, SharePoint with Jive and Jive alone. This document offers our (potential) customers excellent support for decision-making. The value determination is considered from the different angles:

  1. Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Impact on the performance of employees and organisations
  3. Realising value from other (existing) systems
  4. Realising value from knowledge and sharing knowledge in the organisation


This white paper is a must, certainly for companies with a Microsoft-only policy that want to see how they can best collaborate online in the most efficient or cost-efficient way. With Jive-only, too, perfect integration with Office, Office 365 and Outlook is already a valuable addition.  Download the white paper below; we will be happy to help you further!

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