Work is changing; conventional intranets are no longer enough. CIOs and ICT managers need an interactive intranet that connects people, information, locations, tools and, therefore, organisations. Still more important: it is out of the box. Not programming, but configuration.

Jive’s interactive intranet is a central place where employees work together and communicate online, wherever they are and however they want to work. It leads to substantial productivity improvements and gives employees a user-friendly experience that promotes adoption. Finally, it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and applications.

  • Modernise your intranetReplace your outdated intranet and provide for close collaboration with storage, apps and appliances. Get maximum returns on your IT investments, whether you disconnect the older systems or connect them with Jive.
  • Standardise your Office 365 user experience

    Jive makes Office 365 more user-friendly and useful. You have a single place to work together on Office 365 documents, wherever they are saved.  Make comments, have conversations, assign a status to documents and share your work with and for individual teams.

  • The integrated HUB

    Simple integration with Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Office & SharePoint 2013; Google for Work; Cisco WebEx & Jabber; Box.com & Dropbox; Salesforce & SugarCRM; ServiceNow, Zendesk & Jira.

  • Give users self-service intranet sites

    Motivate teams and departments by giving them ready-to-run pages and sites for key processes such as employee onboarding, sales projects, HR Portal and more. Users are live within hours, without help from the IT department.

  • Reduce help desk costs

    Simplify support and reduce costs by giving employees a user-friendly self-service portal. Jive’s advanced contextual search function finds answers. Combined with assistance from colleagues, this gives an experience similar to the best online customer support.

  • Online fast and moving ahead

    Configure a next-generation social intranet in days or weeks, with no programming. Work from the cloud and generate value and ROI fast.