Human resources

Jive is the engine of increased engagement.  A interactive intranet promotes a sense of connection between employees. It improves everything from onboarding to the development, motivation and retention of top talent.

Result for human resources

  • 81% more engagement
  • Organisational units are better coordinated
  • Improved HR support and induction


Challenge for HR:

  • Faster appointment/recruitmentInduction of new employees is realised faster and they know their way around the organisation sooner. From their first day, they know what is happening in the organisation.


  • No information silosJive breaks through barriers and hierarchies and ensures that fragmented collaboration is replaced by close-knit teams in which everyone has a voice and everyone makes a contribution.


  • Productivity improvesJive provides fast, seamless collaboration with more enjoyment in the office and while on the move. Employees get their work finished and enjoy what they do, with many interactive discussions, exchanges of ideas and online knowledge-sharing.


  • Continual feedback receivedJive feeds a positive, strong culture, because it ensures that feedback, recognition and support are part of the day-to-day work.


  • On-the-job learningJive provides for an exchange of knowledge and supervision. Every moment becomes a learning moment. A supplement to a training course with continual on-the-job learning.


  • A single cultureJive provides optimal business communications, as a result of which everyone shares the company’s vision. Jive can be regarded as a culture carrier.


  • Employee engagement & onboarding HR portal softwareWhere well-trained employees have many choices, engagement is one of the most important reasons for recruiting and retaining top talent.


Features and applications

  • HR knowledge hub
  • Employee recognition & social rewards
  • Engagement analytics
  • Community sentiment analyses
  • HR Support Centre
  • Standard templates for departmental and other portals
  • Integration with learning management systems (LMS) and survey tools