Do the collaboration challenge

Since my arrival at Engage Dialog, some pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place for me. I have long believed in the power of collaboration and engaged people. For me, this makes the difference between companies that are successful and companies that are not. However, a good online collaborative environment with social features (social intranet+) can make the difference here in comparison with a more static communication portal or intranet.  All the same, the road towards this is still unclear or even complicated to many companies with a strong do-it-yourself mentality. Many organizations are also unaware of the possibilities of modern collaborative solutions. That is why we are challenging you!

Do it yourself or..?

I recently spoke to another company that decided to develop its intranet in-house. Many FTEs in SharePoint programmers (‘we’ve got them anyway, right?’) and everything customized. Lead time: at least a year. Another prospect first said it would implement ‘all Microsoft tools’: after all, we have SharePoint, Teams, Yammer etc. Then you can surely collaborate too?

Around that time, we were awarded a contract by large organizations that had taken the trouble to calculate that such a scenario would not only take far longer but would be twice or three times as expensive. In my view, the latter organization was right. Building your own intranet is a thing of the past. If you are seriously considering a more modern and more productive way of working together, you do this in an environment that has been built and optimized for that purpose. One that will grow along with developments in your company and in the market.

We therefore consciously chose Jive Software: they have hundreds of developers, 15 years of experience as a pioneer and are now the market leader in this field, with many use cases in the field of social collaboration and customer communities.

You can collaborate online in a scalable and robust way, including mobile standard apps. This really goes a step further than a social intranet.  Think of measuring the impact and scope through analytics, personalized information lines and search functions, rich content and seamless integration with your email and Office software.  Everything super secure in the cloud, with more certifications and security measures than you could realize individually as a company. With 99.99%+ availability and completely out of the box. You invite your customers, suppliers, and partners free of charge, simply and securely. It is also no problem at all to integrate this solution as a social ‘collaboration layer’ into an existing SharePoint environment and so grow towards a dynamic collaboration environment. Unknown is unloved, perhaps?

Our challenge

It may seem difficult to break through some deep-rooted corporate conventions relating to ‘intranet’. Are you wondering whether to build your own intranet or are you unhappy with your present environment? Then I challenge you to come and put our solution to the test with us, at no risk:

  1. We offer you a free inspiration workshop, in which we define your needs, wishes, and requirements regarding online collaboration.


  1. On the basis of the outcome of the workshop, you can work/experiment with our interactive intranet for 30 days. Without any obligation. All we ask of you is your time and feedback on your experience with Jive.


If you want to continue working with our intranet after that, you will be live within six weeks. Guaranteed. Of course, that will be when the real challenge starts: activation, change management, and adoption are things that require your constant attention and this (cultural) change takes time. But if you really want to collaborate independently of time and place and want to take steps in the field of employee engagement, good tools (such as gamification tools and quests for adoption) are half the job. We will help you to use these tools in order to realize your goals. Your employees will become more productive and engaged, while they spend less time in meetings and on email. This then looks to me like another fine collaboration challenge for Engage Dialog.


Would you like to register for an inspiration workshop now? Let us know below.


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