Corporate Communications

You can talk, but do your employees listen? Not if strategic communications lie unopened in mailboxes or are drifting around somewhere on the intranet. By placing interesting content in Jive, you bring the business communications to life. You start up company-wide dialogues in which everyone can take part. In this way you create engagement in your organisation. You can also measure in real time what the impact and scope of your message are.


  • Everyone is aware of what is happening 

    Easy-view news pages, published blogs, videos. Employees no longer miss anything.


  • Targeted communicationMake sure that the right messages are sent to the right employees.


  • Measure the impact of your messageYou can see very clearly who has read your message, who communicates about it and how you can improve the communication through the reactions you receive.


  • Company-wide dialoguesCommunication across all disciplines. Conversations in which everyone has a voice and is heard.


  • No more information silosManagement and employees are connected, as a result of which it becomes very easy to communicate the vision. Employees can also find each other more easily and collaboration is facilitated.


  • Engagement among employees who are not working in the officeJive runs in the cloud. Via a web browser or the handy mobile app Jive Daily, employees are always connected, anywhere in the world.