Improve your employee engagement

Are you looking for more employee engagement and productivity?  Do you want to improve employee engagement in the company? Then an interactive intranet offers the necessary benefits. Employees are ‘engaged’ when they are progressive, talk positively about the company to other people, are involved in the company, are motivated by their manager and the corporate culture. In short, when they contribute towards the commercial success of the company.

A number of concrete applications for improving your organisation are presented below.


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employee engagement

Improve internal and external communication

Replace the email newsletter from the CEO, the department or to the customer with a community blog and learn from the responses. Measure the scope, the impact and the engagement, so that you can make adjustments. Finally a grip on communications!


Build a winning sales team

Work together effectively on deals. Share information, best practices and winning strategies. Quickly find all information on the prospect and the employees involved, ask questions and assign tasks. Integrate your CRM system. On the way to a winning deal!


Speed up innovation and product development

Improve innovation through access to more ideas and finding the right colleagues and partners. Create a place to collaborate quickly, use surveys and vote on ideas. This will accelerate your innovation process!


Make HRM easy and attractive

Give employees access to the online facebook and all the necessary onboarding information. Post training courses online or open an online HRM information source. The result: productive and satisfied employees!


Find information, knowledge and context

Search for and find people’s knowledge and expertise on customers, products, processes and procedures. Interactively, and far faster than you are used to with a conventional intranet. This really makes knowledge accessible!

Work securely online on Mergers & Acquisitions

Build a community to improve collaboration and communication, both internally and with the M&A candidate. View best practices, document the process and make all information centrally accessible. Secure and complete. Crucial for a successful process!


Lower costs, better customer support and a dialogue with your customer

Realising a modern external (support) portal means that help desk calls, for example, are avoided with a self-help community. Better communication with customers, franchisers, dealers or buyers lies within reach. Involve them interactively in marketing and product development processes and know what the current issues are around your organisation. Lower costs, more engagement!


Improve the workplace and public safety

Start the dialogue with employees. Make occupational health and safety information and processes more easily available and implement a virtual reporting and ideas box in order to improve safety and working conditions in the company faster. On the way to a safe, better coordinated working environment!

With our solution, you improve employee engagement

Would you like to improve employee engagement in your company too? We would like to invite you to visit our offices, or would be happy to visit you to explain more about the added value of our interactive intranet for your company.