TemboSocial and Engage Dialog announce partnership

Bunnik – June 20th, 2018  Engage Dialog announced a new partnership with TemboSocial, a leading provider of social software solutions for businesses today. This relationship means we’ll be working very closely with the TemboSocial team to identify new and exclusive… >>

Microsoft 365 integrations with our online collaboration software

Some good news: you no longer have to choose between the social intranet you need and the business applications you depend on. The key: Our social intranet Jive brings unified collaboration to Microsoft applications like Office, Outlook and SharePoint 365.… >>

My mailbox is empty- and that’s a good thing

There are dialogues in every organization. They contain discussions, knowledge sharing and collaboration. Every employee has their unique set of knowledge and skills to help their organization move forward. To facilitate knowledge sharing, companies provide their employees with a laptop… >>

5 tips to improve your internal communication

It can be quiet embarrassing when your own employees are not aware of the latest internal news. Sometimes people don’t even know what the mission and vision are of the company they work for. And then we haven’t even started… >>

6 Essential Features of a good Intranet

If you want a proper intranet, there are some key specifics to which it should oblige. To begin with, it should be able to connect your people, information, and systems in a single collaboration and communication hub. This kind of… >>

The new CEO: Chief Engagement Officer

Last week, I was at the Practical Internal Communication Congress as a stand holder and sponsor of Engage Dialog. Naturally, I attended a number of substantive sessions there too. I am not a communications professional, but I do have experience… >>

jive microsoft comparison

Jive and/or SharePoint:

Experience the best of both worlds Jive has published an excellent white paper (in English) for companies that work with Microsoft SharePoint and are undecided about which solution to use for online collaboration. After all, SharePoint offers many possibilities but… >>

Do the collaboration challenge

Since my arrival at Engage Dialog, some pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place for me. I have long believed in the power of collaboration and engaged people. For me, this makes the difference between companies that are successful… >>

Jive once again qualified as Enterprise Social Network leader

Broad recognition in the market Jive Software has been a pioneer in the field of interactive intranetting since as long ago as 2001. It is one of only two parties that, as an Out-Of-The-Box Enterprise Social Network (ESN) solution, have… >>

Online collaboration: about measuring, knowing and integration

Emailing is not the same as online collaboration More and more companies are become aware that, nowadays, (online) collaboration needs to be facilitated better. At Engage Dialog, we talk a great deal about (what’s in a name) the role of Employee… >>

A good start is 80% of the job

Management has finally taken the step of buying an interactive intranet. They have read everywhere that a company that wants to keep up to date needs one. Such a solution creates better collaboration and more knowledge sharing. Once the platform… >>

Online cooperation: the goose or the egg?

Working differently, performing better With our Engage Dialog label, we supply a market-leading solution in the field known as Enterprise Collaboration Jive . An online environment and apps that enable you to collaborate better and more transparently with your employees,… >>

Enterprise collaboration: (almost) free means for nothing, right?

I have recently had many conversations, both online and face to face, with customers, consultants, suppliers and fellow professionals on the subject of social intranet or, rather, enterprise collaboration. At present, this is a hot topic: everyone seems to be… >>

Community management: crucial for success

A digital workplace does not magically appear The implementation of a social intranet(+), or an enterprise (social) collaboration tool, is just the start of a long journey towards a different and better way for people to work together in your… >>

Why Jive?

Jive Software is an American listed company which has specialised for 15 years now in interactive online activities and employs hundreds of developers.  This has won it top rankings from analysts such as Gartner, Forrester and Aragon.  Jive Software has more… >>