Advantages of collaboration tools – how do you benefit?

Do away with those long meetings, email exchanges, searching and frustration. Working in a different way can make it all more efficient and enjoyable. The advantages of our collaboration tools in a nutshell:

  • Fewer meetings
  • Lower intranet costs
  • Less email
  • Engaged and satisfied employees
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Less searching
  • Higher productivity


minder meetings

minder intranetkosten

minder emailverkeer

tevreden medewerkers

minder verloop

meer online

hogere productiviteit



Fewer meetings

The use of collaboration tools has proved to mean that fewer meetings are needed. You work together on an idea, document, event or anything else in a shared online environment. This is transparent for all participants, under version management and at a time and place that suits you, without the need to all have to sit together in one room.


Lower intranet costs

 The days of building complex portals yourself are gone. For a low fixed price, a modern social intranet or collaboration tool offers access in the cloud or a hosted system to all the functionality you need, from programming to simply configuring and integrating. The same applies for the support portal or extranet: we have perfect out-of-the-box solutions for these too. If you use the cloud version, you also make considerable savings on security, hosting, management and storage costs.


Less email


Instead of endless emailing, start a central discussion in which everyone can see each other’s answers. No more need for forwarding and cc or bcc: This saves time and money, and knowledge and information remain centrally accessible and traceable.


More satisfied employees

A social platform creates more employee engagement. Employees can ‘like’ each other’s content, class it as useful and respond to it. Posting things such as surveys, blogs, events, questions and ideas makes people far more engaged in the activities of the business and in each other’s work. Preferably, there should also be room for the company band, staff association and running club. More engagement ultimately means more profit!


Lower staff turnover


An engaged employee who is better informed and feels able to contribute more themselves is less likely to leave. Social collaboration solutions offer that functionality. And just as with customers, recruiting and onboarding a new employee costs more than keeping an existing one, quite apart from the fact that when people leave, much of their knowledge and expertise remains accessible in the online platform.


Less search time needed


Knowledge, documents, best practices and employees: they are all far easier to find with our modern collaboration solution. Partly thanks to an excellent contextual search function. This saves an enormous amount of time, money and frustration!


Higher productivity


Ultimately, apart from engagement, this is above productivity. Through a more efficient working method, like the one shown above, employees can become more productive. And that makes a difference! Incidentally, an external customer community has the same effect on your costs. Fewer calls, but still more information on customer behaviour and product requirements

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